{"API Voice"}

I saw the need in 2010, for someone to come forward to talk beyond the technology of APIs, and focus on some of the business aspects of providing, and consuming APIs--by 2012, I was quickly seeing a need to also focus on what I call the politics of APIs.

The politics of APIs range from terms of service and privacy policy discussions, up to government regulation conversations, impacting how we can put APIs to work. The politics of APIs are often subtle, but sometimes can be a very public affair, playing out on the open Internet, and in the courts..

The API Voice is where I publish my stories concerning the politics of APIs. I could have just as easily published alongside stories on API Evangelist, but I like having my thoughts neatly organized, for my own reading, and regular recall. Also, as I reach my 5th year of operation, I find myself more concerned with the politics of APIs, often over the business or technology of APIs.

With this blog, I want to give a voice to APIs, allowing the often dark matter that keeps the API space together, to be heard and seen. An growing part of our personal and professional lives are flowing through API pipes, feeding the web, mobile, and device-based apps we are increasingly being dependendent on. This layer of the API world, which spans both our personal and professional worlds, needs to be opened up for regular discussions about the politics that are pervasive in the industries in which APIs are making an impact.